Canada Seed Bank

The Canada Seed Bank has over 100 Canadian Marijuana Seeds to choose from. Welcome to the official Canadian marijuana seed bank. Buy medical and recreational marijuana seeds through our connections.

BC Seeds

Looking for BC Seeds? Then visit the Official British Columbia Seed Bank in Vancouver, BC Canada.

We are Canada’s favourite cannabis seed bank connection. Buy
regular, auto flowering and feminized marijuana seeds. We connect you to a large selection of auto flowering marihuana seeds.

Quebec Seed Banks

Canada has many breeders because we love weed and our country is big. BC marijuana seeds are the most famous in the entire world. The Quebec Seeds site is gaining popularity with offering low, fast flowering strains to beat the frost. Toronto, Ontario is new to the scene.

Toronto Seed Bank

Looking for Canadian Marijuana Seeds in Toronto? Visit the for you favourite cannabis seeds with fast and discrete shipping.

Quebec Seed Bank

Canada’s Favourite Quebec Seed Bank is, A great variety of the best marijuana seed strains for growing outdoors in Quebec's harsh conditions.

The Canadian Seed Bank

Our Canadian seed bank stores and breeds cannabis seeds and deposits them into a cannabis seed vault in case pollen mixes accidentally from the wild, which would destroy the strains genetics.

We preserve cannabis seed genetics as well as create new strains. We own the world’s more rare cannabis species and protect them from extinction. The Canadian seed bank connects you to the strongest cannabis strains on earth. Contact us with any questions.

Ottawa Seed Bank

The Ottawa seed bank is setting up shop in the very near future. Be sure to visit their website once it's up and running. We should find some gems out of Ottawa because there are some really good breeders from Quebec that have moved their home to Ottawa.


Canadian Seed Bank

Canadian Seed Bank